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The corporate management of C.I.S. SpA and ECO CIS Srl are committed to a growth of the company focused on the satisfaction of the costumers and of its employees, in compliance with laws and ethical principles.

They believe that, in reaching these objectives, it’s fundamental to follow a quality policy and a business management which comply to the principles of the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified by a third party certified organization.

The commitment in pursuing the satisfaction of the users should be fulfilled and improved in compliance of the laws, respecting the environment and the ethical and transparent relationship with the customer

The established quality policy foreseen in all the process the planning, the execution, the control, checking and analysis in order to assure the continuous improvement. The revision and check of the system should be performed at least once in a year, with the involvement of all the concerned parties.

The responsibility for keeping the system under control in accordance with the quality policy decided, lies upon the management with the operational collaboration of the Quality Manager RSQ. In order to comply with the quality policy, RSQ’s task is to ensure communication, awareness and understanding of the quality policy at all levels.

Management is committed to annually redefine the quality objectives on the basis of the results and indications provided by the review.

In view of continuous improvement, ECO CIS also wanted to implement an environmental management system certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standard:

The Environmental Policy defines the objectives and operating principles of ECO CIS Srl within its activities of “INTERMEDIATION OF DANGEROUS AND NON-DANGEROUS WASTE, without detention”, in compliance with environmental requirements and for the satisfaction of its customers.  
The Company therefore aims to pursue a policy that, while satisfying the requirements of its customers, considers the safeguard of the environment and natural resources as an essential part of its development process, in compliance and in harmony with the principles established by the relevant EU and national regulations.
In order to ensure that the company’s activity is carried out in protecting the environment, not just in terms of conservation but as an improvement of the same, the Management defines as reference principles of its Environmental Policy:

Objectives for the environment

The company considers its commitment to environmental affairs with equal attention to all other needs of a managerial-organizational nature.

Regularly and systematically:

  • Plans and implements environmental objectives and related targets;
  • It continuously monitors the progress of these plans and, if necessary, takes appropriate corrective action.

Commitment to protecting the environment and to improvement
The company is committed to organize its activities by optimizing environmental management in accordance with the annual improvement program; in particular, its environmentally sustainable behavior will direct all activities primarily towards the policy of recycling rather than disposal, where it is practicable to apply it. Therefore, preference should be given to equipment solutions that implement this recycling in accordance with the principle of proximity and nearness.

Commitment to meet environmental quality requirements
The company is committed to the understanding of its customers’ needs and plans its activities to meet them fully. Likewise, it operates in accordance with the requests and requirements:

  • Of the reference market;
  • Of the country in which it operates, complying with its laws and regulations;
  • Of all the parties involved in their critical processes

Commitment to compliance of the law
The primary objective of the company, in compliance with laws, regulations, orders and disciplines, is the promotion of the quality of human life, to be achieved through the safeguard and improvement of environmental conditions and the wise and rational use of natural resources.

The Company:

  • Seek an open dialogue with the involved parties in order to explain the environmental impacts of the activities and its environmental principles;
  • Takes into account the requests of its employees.

Involvement of staff and stakeholders
The company is committed to making its employees, collaborators and all involved parties in general aware of the risks associated with operational activities in order to enable them to operate responsibly and consciously.

The company encourages professional development through training, education and awareness of its workforce in relation to quality and the environment.

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard applied by both organizations and the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standard applied exclusively by ECO CIS, guarantee full control of processes, risks, business opportunities and environmental management allowing the prevention of irregularities and the continuous improvement of service, optimizing processes and enhancing human resources.

Livorno, august 7th 2019

Integrated Policy
Integrated Policy