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Industrial waste management

ECO CIS is capable to seek and offer solutions for any need of disposal, treatment or recovery of waste, both hazardous and normal, through its know-how, its network of agreements with a multitude of authorized plants operating mainly, but not only, all over Europe, and contacts with a network of facilities on the territory for finding solutions even for very specific issues.

Throughout their carrier, ECO CIS professionals have managed and transported hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste both in Italy and abroad, and are able to follow all or part of the specific phases described below, basis on the customer needs and requests.

  • Meetings with in-depth study of the existing problems or of the outline conditions
  • Surveys to review situations, collect data, and sample samples
  • Evaluation of the best technical solutions for waste
  • Selection of the target plants most suited to the characteristics of the waste / material
  • Verification of the legal, technical and economical conditions of the selected plants
  • Evaluation of the best logistic types
  • Technical approvals of the waste for acceptance in the plant
  • Cross-border notifications for the export of waste to foreign plants
  • Transport and logistics management
  • Management of the entire disposal process
  • Compliance with the law on waste cycle (EC Regulation N.1013 / 2006, SISPED…)
  • Assistance in relations with Public and Private Entities

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