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ECO CIS can arrange an intermodal transport service to reach the desired destinations in the most efficient way; in this specific field ECO CIS has long-proven relationships with the most important partners for the transportation of waste on land both on wheels and on rail, across Europe.


Transboundary Notifications

As part of the know-how acquired in the export of waste, ECO CIS offers a specific services for the development and management of export cross-border notification as required by EC Regulation No. 013/2006.

The phases to be managed are countless, and ECO CIS can handle all of them:

  • definition and approval of the chemical-physical characteristics of the waste;
  • sampling according to European LAGA standards;
  • analysis of the characteristics;
  • approval of the waste at the reception facilities;
  • identification of sites for departure and arrival sites and of possible routes for transport;
  • collection and inspection of permits and other documentation of the reception facilities and of the chosen carriers;
  • technical descriptions of the waste characteristics, of the production and disposal/final disposal process, as requested by the Authorities;
  • meeting with the Authorities at departure and destination places;
  • managing of official replies to the request of clarifications from Authorities;
  • evaluation of the extent and nature of the charges to be paid;
  • management of legal guarantees required for the shipments of waste;

At the end of the process, wholly attended or assisted only in specific parts by ECO CIS, the Customer will be eligible for export of waste, in the quantities authorized and to the intended destination, for a period of 12 months

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