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Environmental consulting

ECO CIS is strongly convinced that the regulatory update and the continuous training process of its technicians is a fundamental cornerstone on which it can build its expertise and differentiation. A team of trained technicians ensures correct organization in waste management in compliance with current legislation; moreover, the presence of a technical manager of the Environmental Management Register, who participates in the life of the company, constitutes a further guarantee and supervision of the correct application of the same.
We have to consider that, with regard to the correct management of waste, from its production to disposal and/or recovery, today we are faced with a constantly evolving framework which requires following of precise, sometimes very demanding, administrative procedures.
The waste legislation that began in the early 1980s boasts a long and articulated history; a balance has always been sought between production, protection of the environment and health, but, despite the numerous interventions by the legislator, up to date it seems the right balance has not yet been found.
A regulatory contest has been created in which Community regulations are sometimes in stark contrast to the Italian ones, which are moreover difficult to understand.
In this regulatory patchwork, updating is the only trump card to be able to provide answers to solving the environmental problems that arise from time to time.

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