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Register of Environmental Operators Cat. 8 b


ECO CIS srl is registered in the category 8 b of the Register of Environmental Operators for its activity of intermediation and trade of hazardous and non-hazardous waste without detention; this category is operational in Italy since 18 February 2011, following the publication, in the Italian Official Gazette no. 40/2011, of the notice of the Register concerning the issue of Resolution no. 1 of January 19, 2011.

With resolution no. 2 of 15 December 2010, the National Committee established the criteria and requirements for registration and with resolution no. 2 of January 19, 2011 approved the application form for enrollment in the Register; with resolution no. 2 of 30 April 2016 the Committee has subsequently amended the requirements regarding the qualifications of the Technical Manager.

Category 8 is divided into classes according to the annual tons of intermediated waste (non-hazardous and / or hazardous.

In the specific case, being in possession of a ‘Class b’ certification, ECO CIS will be able to intermediate up to 200,000 tons per year.

As it is known, the fundamental role of the intermediary without detention is to represent the link between the main actors of a waste management cycle, i.e. the producer / holder and the final destination (disposer or recycler): more precisely, he works to offer to producers the best solution, technical and economical one, of the final destination of waste for disposal or recovery, if necessary also by providing consultancy support.